Bigg Boss 15: Can’t miss this UmRash moment! Umar’s warm hugs to Rashami will make you fall in love with them

Umar hugs to Rashami will make you fall in love with them. Umar hugs Rashami and she complains about the housemates.

Bigg Boss 15 house has many strong bonds and that remains outside of the house. One such bond of Umar and Rashami is loved by viewers. In the Live Feed reports it is seen that Rashami comes to Umar and he hugs him and she complains about housemates. Rashami is seen telling that people are irritating her and torturing her.

Rashami then pisses Umar as she says that Rakhi will now get a doubt of benefit to comment something on them. Umar then walks away and says,”Rakhi ka soch rahe hai abhi.” Umar starts hitting her and says that she is thinking of people. This moment where Umar and Rashami hug each other is something no one want to miss. Rashami is then seeing walking away and expresses how much she is pissed of from people. Have a look at the promo here:


Viewers love Rashami and Umar’s pairing and have named them UmRash. There is no doubt that viewers love them and people have fallen in love with them. The duo share a strong bond and there is no two ways that their bond can be breakable. Rashami’s knows Umar from outside as the actress shared a good bond with Asim in Bigg Boss 13.

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