Bigg Boss 15: Arhaan Khan reveals the truth about Rashami Desai; Says, “Shouldn’t drag an issue for so long”

Arhaan Khan tells his side of the story about Rashami Desai and his marriage in an interview.

Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai we’re known to make headlines for their relationship on Bigg Boss 13. Since then, the duo got into an ugly fight after Salman Khan revealed that Arhaan was married and had a child with another person. The actor was also accused of staying in Rashami’s apartment without Rashami’s consent or knowledge. However, Rashami had handed over her key to him when she entered the controversial show.
Recently, as Rashami is participating in Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan bought up Arhaan Khan and apartment keys in an episode. Rashami thanked Salman for informing her about the same. Now, Arhaan Khan is speaking up and sharing his side of the story in an interview.
In the interview, he revealed that he was not happy with the way his name was used for jokes and ratings. He said, “I may have moved on par baki ke log nahi kar paaye. They must be talking about it for ratings but they fail to realize that my family is watching the show as well. They shouldn’t have dragged an issue for so long.”
Talking about his marriage, he shared that Rashami was well aware of it. He said, “is that not possible when you are living with someone. She had access to my phone anytime. She knew about the wife and child but she lied on national television. ”
He admitted to have come forward sooner but was quite because of Rashami’s terrible past.