Bigg Boss 15: Akasa Singh tweets in support of Pratik Sehajpal about his spat with Karan Kundrra

Akasa Singh tweets in support of Pratik Sehajpal after about fight with Karan Kundrra

Bigg Boss 15 has taken up the pace recently with several fights and quarrels erupting now and then. A recent fight is going to happen between Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundrra during a task. Karan randomly starts throwing mud on fellow competitors angering Pratik. The incident leads to an intense fight between the two.

The ordeal got so intense that Pratik said that Karan is a ‘ghatiya’ insaan on the show even though he was his mentor in the past. Leading to Pratik crying in front of the camera and telling Bigg Boss that it was unfair. Pratik’s good friend and Bigg Boss 15’s ex-contestant Akasa Singh took to Twitter to tweet a supportive message.
In her tweet, Akasa wrote, “And to what extent will this go on? I just want to know too. Broke my heart watching him like that. N pls do not call it a sympathy card. He’s the LAST person who asks for sympathy, n stands for what he thinks is right regardless of what anybody says.”


Akasa Singh was a contestant on Bigg Boss 15, but  sadly had to face an early eviction from the show as the housemates voted her out.

While Pratik Sehajpal is one of the top contestants of the season. The reality fame, has shown intense emotions every now and then in the past.