Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan takes Rajiv Adatia hostage and waits for demands to fulfil!

In a clip from Bigg Boss 15, Afsana Khan takes Rajiv Adatia’s hair hostage and refuses to let go until he complies with her childish demands.

Bigg Boss 15 has successfully completed five weeks of non-stop supply of entertainment in the means of fights, tasks, conspiracies, love angles, drama and whatnot. It is very important for the housemates to have funny moments because, at times due to the competition, the atmosphere of the house becomes so tense that one has difficulty breathing. In a clip from Bigg Boss 15, Afsana Khan was seen holding Rajiv Adatia hostage by his hair and presenting demands in front of him.

In the Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Afsana can be seen sitting beside Neha Bhasin when Rajiv comes into the room running. Neha calls out for him, hearing which he comes and lies on the bed and as he does that, he calls Afsana ‘jungli suar‘. This intrigues Afsana and she says, “I have a rock in my hand and I will not waste a second to smash your head with it.” As she completes saying this, Afsana then grasp Rajiv’s hair and puts conditions in front of him which Rajiv will have to agree. Afsana says, “Bol aaj ke baad mei Afsana ko Afsana ‘ji’ bolunga.. Bol mei aaj ke baad Afsana ko kuch bura nahi bolunga..” All this while, Rajiv was laughing and agreeing with all the conditions that Afsana was putting.


After a while, when Afsana started to pull his hair really hard and with both the hands, she puts up a condition where Rajiv had to repeat after she says, “I did a big mistake by coming into the House of Bigg Boss” and at that point, Rajiv gave up and said, “Pull my hair however you want.” Rajiv finally manages to get his hair out of Afsana’s grasp and says, “You go to hell. I am not scared of anyone. ‘You’ made a big mistake by coming into the house of Bigg Boss.” Afsana yet again threatens him with the stone to which Rajiv says, “Put the stone in your mouth!” Afsana is able to get a hold of Rajiv’s hair again but then he manages to get out of it and runs away.