Bigg Boss 15: Abhijeet Bichukale calls Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh ‘Bhade ka Pati’; Asks, “Isko hire karke layi hai kya?”

Abhijeet Bichukale asks Rakhi Sawant the truth about her husband Ritesh as he questions if she had hired him.

Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh’s marriage have been questioned by viewers ever since he was announced as the mystery husband back in Bigg Boss 14. Even now that he is inside the BB house, the questions about his duplicity do not seem to stop. A few days ago, Ritesh was deemed to be a cameraman of the show who was hired for the entertainment of the audience.
In the recent updates, the newest wildcard contestant Abhijeet Bichukale cannot help but question Rakhi about Ritesh. The question lead to a shocking reaction from Rakhi and her husband Ritesh.

In the latest video clip, Abhijeet Bichukale laying in bed asks Rakhi, “Rakhi Pati ko hire karke layi hai kya?”
His question enraged Rakhi Sawant and she started screaming about the same. She screamed, “Tune bola mein apna pati bhade pe layi hu..tu bhade ka tattu hai.”
Abhijeet warned Rakhi not to behave in such a manner with him. He said, “yeh nahi chalega ha Rakhi”
Rakhi did not stop but instead started throwing the luggage and house furniture leaving the housemates in shock. Later on, Ritesh also spoke up in his defense and told Abhijeet that he speaks whatever is on his mind without thinking about the consequences.


Abhijeet then retorted back and told Ritesh that he was joking with her.
At last, Rakhi told Abhijeet not to ever tell Ritesh or her about ‘Bhade Ka Pati ‘