Bigg Boss 15: A hope for ‘PraLeena’ fans? Devoleena confesses about her feelings for Pratik? Says, “Ha pyaar hai”

Devoleena confronts her feelings for Pratik as she has fallen in love with him.

Bigg Boss 15 house has one more couple it seems as Devoleena confronts her feelings for Pratik. In the Live Feed it is seen that the duo are having a conversation near swimming pool and the Saathiya actress is a bit tensed. Pratik asks her the reason as she is speaking indirectly.

Devoleena says that Abhijeet has confronted his feelings to him that he has fallen in love with him. Pratik then says what is the problem. Devoleena says that she does not love her. Pratik then asks,”Toh kya mujse pyaar karte ho” Devoleena says,”Ha, pyaar hai lekin yaar muje kuch bolna nahi hai.” Devoleena tries to avoid the conversation where Pratik says,”Joh bhi hai directly bolo na, it is so difficult to talk to you.”


Devoleena’s feeling for Pratik has not been hidden and earlier also she had indirectly confessed her feelings. Pratik also does not have any problem it seems as the duo share a good bond. What is your take on this? Akasa Singh also had a crush on Pratik and that was not hidden from anyone.

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