Bigg Boss 14:Jasmin Bhasin is conscious about her weight loss & stretch marks, Aly Goni comforts her

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Aly Goni commented on Jasmin Bhasin’s weight loss caused by a loss of appetite in the house.

Showbiz demands looking fit and healthy always. Disconnected from the outside world and the showbiz, Bigg Boss 14 contestants are now growing conscious about their looks.

In an extra masala clip on Voot, the best friend duo Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin can be seen conversing about weight loss. The video begins with Jasmin saying that earlier in the house, she had lost her appetite. Aly corrects her by saying, “Tu patli nahi kamzor lag rahi thi. Patle aur kamzor me bohot fark hota hai. Now you’re looking healthy (You weren’t looking thin, you were looking thin. There’s a lot of difference between being thin and being weak).”


The conversation then shifts to the marks that have appeared on Jasmin’s neck. Jasmin blames the weight loss for the lines. She convinces Aly that the lines will disappear once she starts working out again. However, the next second, Jasmin gets worried and asks, “Bohot buri lag rahi hai kya? (Are the line looking too bad?)”

Aly comforts her by saying that she’s not looking ugly. He tells her that he just brought up the topic because he noticed those lines for the first time. Citing his own example, he says that he has huge stretch marks on his shoulders, but that’s nothing to feel bad about. Marks are human characteristics.

The duo then chats away talking about body fat, marks, and other similar things.