Bigg Boss 14: Why did Nikki Tamboli eliminate Arshi Khan?

Does Abhinav agree with Nikki Tamboli’s justification for eliminating Arshi from the task?

Another day has passed at the Bigg Boss house, and there’s yet another discussion and misunderstanding. Nikki Tamboli tells Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla that she voted against Arshi Khan in the recent captaincy task to expose her fake friendships. Rubina is seen explaining to Nikki how friendships work and how everyone in the house is seen taking revenge during the assigned tasks.

Abhinav Shukla tries to explain to Nikki that the whole purpose of eliminating Arshi was because she didn’t like Arshi from the start, and the reason she is presenting is not something that is true, which was making everyone realizing about what Arshi truly is.


Nikki then starts to discuss her conversation with Jasmin, and how she said it herself that Arshi is a liar. Abhinav then intervenes and tells Nikki that the reason behind her creating a ruckus was simply because she didn’t like Arshi. Then, the camera pans to Abhinav who is explaining to Nikki that other people are only using her for the task and that she doesn’t have to prove her worth to others. Rubina then cuts in to explain that friendships don’t need justifications. Rubina then adds to her statement, “Agar aapko justify karna pade, toh vo dosti nahi hai”.