Bigg Boss 14: WHO is Kavita Kaushik’s royal aunt? Read to find out

In a conversation in the Bigg Boss 14 house, Kavita Kaushik spoke about her royal aunt with Nikki Tamboli. She also shared an anecdote.

We all have one favourite family member in our lives. There’s always that one relative whom we adore. Bigg Boss 14 contestant Kavita Kaushik also has an aunt whom she is truly fascinated by.

In an extra masala clip shared by Voot, Kavita can be seen reminiscing about her aunt from Jaipur. She says to Nikki Tamboli, “Meri bua jo hai Jaipur me, rani ki tarah rehti hai (My aunt in Jaipur lives like a queen).” Kavita appreciates her aunt’s beauty by saying that even though she is 60 years old with a head full of grey hair, her cheeks are still flawless and tight like that of a youngster.


She further says to Nikki, “Aur main kya yoga karti hu, unko dekh (She’s much better at yoga than me).” She also talks about her aunt’s grand 2-floor bungalow, where her aunt constantly walks up and down without getting weary. During festivals when someone visits her aunt’s house, the woman takes out the wardrobe and jewellery and dresses them up.

Her aunt’s chores are completed by the time people wake up in the morning. Also, her aunt has made such arrangements that whatever one needs, she gets it for them quickly. During the festival of Teej, Kavita’s bua decorates her entire bungalow and the garden in front of it with swings.

Kavita also shares an anecdote about her mother and aunt. Once Kavita’s mother went to Jaipur on a road trip with her friends. So, she called her aunt up and asked if they can come over for lunch. By the time Kavita’s mother and friends arrived for lunch, her aunt had arranged a lavish buffet for the ladies along with personalised gifts for all on the occasion of Teej. The gift included sets of ‘solah shringaar‘.

Throughout the conversation, Nikki is fascinated too. She exclaims “wow” upon hearing all the anecdotes shared by Kavita.