Bigg Boss 14: What? Did Rakhi Sawant indirectly call her husband ‘Santa’ and demand Kadas and dresses from him?

Rakhi Sawant’s demand from Santa on Christmas in BB house.



Rakhi Sawant is known as the queen of controversy and with good reason. Being controversies favorite child, she loves to call a spade a spade. With her outspoken nature and an entertaining social media presence, Rakhi has all the reasons to grab one’s attention.

In the recent extra masala clip, Rakhi Sawant asked Santa Claus about her gifts for Christmas. She also sang a hilarious version of jingle bells.

Rakhi Sawant asked lots of questions about her gifts from Santa, Rakhi said, “kya lane wale ho Santa mere liye? kya mere hath ka kada laa rahe ho gold ka, jo mere balance hai bacha hua? Kya mere hath kada aane wala hai? Yaa fir mera dress aane wala hai Santa?”

The series of questions didn’t stop and she was going on whether she was getting a ‘kada’ or ‘dress’ on this Christmas. Further, she asked that apke potle me kya hai mere liye?.

At the end of the clip, she even sang a song which was somewhat a Hindi version of the Christmas song “jingle bells”. The song was this “jingle bellwa jingle bellwa, jingle aaega, safed daadhee wala buddhwa jhola le k aaega”, which was nothing but fun to watch.