Bigg Boss 14, Weekend Ka Vaar, 13th December Promo: Aly Goni bashed on Eijaz Khan, Funny task in the house

It’s a fun Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 14 house. In a recent promo of Bigg Boss 14, on one side Aly is seen bashing Eijaz for whatever he had done with Rubina and Jasmin. On another side a funny task is going which create positive vibes in the house.

Well, yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar was quite challenging for everyone in the house including Salman Khan. After Aly Goni’s entry we have seen sudden behavior change in Eijaz Khan towards everyone.


In recent Weekend Ka Vaar promo Aly explodes Eijaz’s ‘Galat Faimi Ka Gubbara’ and claims that his behavior has changed a lot, what he had said earlier was doing just opposite to it, at which Eijaz arrogantly says that the level of game is ‘UP’ now so everyone have to play for themselves.

After all these arguments, fights and allegations, Salman Khan thought to change the warm atmosphere.

Further in Promo, Salman Khan tells Rakhi Sawant that he will ask her some questions, and she’ll have to answer that. If the majority of the house won’t agree to her then something will fall on her, he added. Then, Salman Khan asks some questions to Rakhi. She answers the questions properly but fails to beacause all the housemates won’t agree to her answers intentionally and after that colorful powder falls on her as a punishment.
Salman Khan along with the contestants have fun while doing this. Rakhi jokingly shouts at housemates because they won’t agree on her purposely.

Later, Salman Khan calls Rahul Mahajan for the same task. Rahul answers the question. One of the question was, ‘Is Rakhi Sawant the hottest girl in the house’. Rahul won’t agree on that but the whole house agrees that intentionally so that the powder falls on him. Everyone laughs out loud by seeing Rahul Mahajan’s colorful face.

It’s good to see some positive vibes in the house after so long which made everyone smile.
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