Bigg Boss 14: Was Aly Goni in a relationship with Subuhii Joshii? So is he lying and putting up a show? Read to know

Subuhii Joshii opens up about her relationship with Aly Goni and also talks about his relationship with Jasmin Bhasin.

Aly Goni‘s entry in the Bigg Boss house, is a hot topic, inside or outside of the house. Be it about his friendship with the housemates or his relationship with Jasmin Bhasin. But fans are confused about their status as the duo claim to be each other’s best friends. As he even claimed that Jasmin was the main reason for him to take up this show.

Another friend of Aly, Subuhii Joshii, ex-fiance of comedian Siddharth Sagar, whose Instagram account features some old photos with the Bigg Boss 14 contestant has revealed that she was at one time close to Aly.


In an interview with The Times Of India, she said, “I won’t deny that I know Aly really well, but I’d leave it to him whether he wants to call me his ‘ex’ or ‘best friend’. I had met him in 2012 through common friends, when I had just moved to Mumbai. The pictures are from those days. I didn’t delete them because I believe that there is nothing to hide. I’ve always been very vocal about my relationships and friendships.”

Subuhii also opens up about Aly-Jasmin’s relationship, she says, “If it’s just a rumour, I don’t wish to comment on it. Rumours are not always true, and I don’t give much attention to the’m since I hear so many about myself every day. However, Jasmin is a lovely girl and if the speculations over their relationship are true, Aly is a lucky guy. I would like to watch the reality show for them and see how their bond grows.”