Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta wants Manu Punjabi to move to Mumbai, says ‘he likes him’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Vikas Gupta counsels Manu Punjabi to shift from Jaipur to Mumbai.

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Vikas Gupta advised Manu Punjabi that he should shift to Mumbai so that he could be closer to his dreams.

As the clip begins, Manu says he has a habit of living alone so he imagined there was someone near him. But, later he says that he was in his imagination.


In the conversation, Abhinav Shukla casually questions Manu, “Where does he stay?” To which Manu replies that he stays in Jaipur. Abhinav thought he stays in Mumbai and asks him if he is here only for the show. Manu nods in affirmative.

Vikas enters the conversation and after hearing the conversation between them, states that the reason for Manu to not excel professionally though having good equations with people that he is far away from them, and if he is in Mumbai, he has chances of making a good reputation and better equations.

Abhinav comments that it’s like a big fish in little pond. Manu agrees with him. Abhinav tells Manu that here in this show, he is a ‘big fish.’

Vikas intervenes and says that those people who enter the reality show do not wish to return back to their respective state or city as they don’t want lose the earned fame.

He continues that even he is from a small town, and the people there recognize you easily, but when one steps out, it takes a lot of time to get recognized. But for that, one needs to take risks for their own growth. He further adds that one may have house, money, family, and friends but to earn something you need to lose something.

Manu explains what he feels is that after Bigg Boss, he tried to stay in Mumbai for five to six days but couldn’t stay there and missed his family. He went back to Jaipur. He adds that he has money, and there people know him, and respect him.

Further, he adds that his parents are no more, and at present his family consists of 7 sisters who are married, an elder brother who is also married and then Manu who is single and does not wish to rush after success

Vikas explains to Manu that if he doesn’t chase for success, then he would regret it later in his life. He adds that there a lot of people who struggle really hard to reach to this stage.