Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta thrown out from the show, says “I am tired of this life”

Vikas Gupta emotionally broke down after Arshi Khan allegations, said “I have no one, I am alone”, people continuously trying to pull me down.

The battle between Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan have been constant since they entered Bigg Boss 14. The fights turns nasty when Vikas pushed Arshi in the swimming pool, in the latest episode.

Later, it’s become an issue in Bigg Boss house and others separated them from each other. After then, Arshi refused to talk to Vikas and demanded that he should expelled from the Bigg Boss house, Vikas went through a rush of emotions.


After a point, Vikas lost his control and burst in tears. He emotionally broke down and revealed that he has not studied after completing his twelfth standard and has been working since the age of 17. He added that he work so hard to reach wherever he is today in life, and people are continuously trying to pull him down.

Vikas also expressed that people always try to show him bad or want to defame him, due to which sometimes he even feels that he’s a bad person. He shared that even the people to whom he helped also want to show him as a negetive person.

Vikas broke down and said, “What else should I do to be good and create a good image of myself.”
Furthermore, he got so frustrated that he said, “Main thak chuka hu zindagi se, I am alone(I’m tired of this life.)”Vikas also expressed that after unfolding about his sexuality, he didn’t get anybody’s support. “I have no one. I am alone.” He futher added that he didn’t want to stay there and want to leave.

During his emotional breakdown, he told Aly that he is crying because even he didn’t understand him. After that Aly went to him and hugged him.

At last, Bigg Boss confronted Arshi and Vikas and lashed at both for their behaviour.
Moreover, he said that Vikas was wrong because he pushed Arshi in the swimming pool and asked Vikas to leave the house.

Vikas walked out saying that he doesn’t want to say anything the audience is watching who actually wrong and right.
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