Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta stands guard for Arshi Khan; Devoleena and Rakhi tries to fool her

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Vikas Gupta stands guard for Arshi Khan. Rakhi and Devoleena try their best to fool Arshi into coming out of the bathroom.


In the recent task, Arshi Khan takes a revenge on Team Red by not allowing them to enter the emergency washroom. In the latest masala clips, things take a turn. While Arshi is in the bathroom, Vikas stands guard for her. Rubina Dilaik asks her to come out, but her efforts are in vain.

Rubina asks Arshi why she isn’t coming out of the bathroom. Arshi retorts that it is because she is playing her game. “Arrey Arshi! Tu chahti hai ki din ke pure task ke footage me tu sirf andar hi rahegi? Bilkul pagal hai seriously tu!” Rubina enquires what kind of a strategy this is.

Arshi adds that she doesn’t care about anything right now and if Bigg Boss had a problem, he would immediately announce it. She laughs loudly at her own comment. Further, she comments that they can take a picture of her when she decides to step out of the bathroom. Vikas tries to flee the scene.

Arshi calls out for Aly Goni, “Aly, chahe kuch bhi ho jaye na adjust kar denge.” Aly says, “Hum apne pure koshish karenge,” shouts Arshi. Aly adds Salman Khan taught him the importance of sportsmanship. He was advised on how to lead well. Vikas chimes in that sportsmanship should include the well-being of the other team as well. Aly says that if it is starvation that it takes to win, the team will do it.

While the guys talk about sportsmanship, Devoleena Bhattacharjee warns Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi is well-aware that Arshi Khan has locked herself in the bathroom to disrupt the task.

Trying to get Arshi out from the bathroom, Vikas and Rakhi talk bad about Devoleena. “Bahot irritating hai woh,” says Rakhi about Devoleena. “Irritating nahi hai, buri nahi hai par itna bolti hai ki kan pak jaye,” adds Vikas. “Bahut khatarnak hai woh,” adds Rakhi. She warns Vikas not to poke his nose into her matters.

“Tum yaha hokar bhi yaha nahi hai,” cuts in Vikas. “Main mangal grah pe hu, space pe,” replies Rakhi. Arshi relies that Rakhi will never understand, no matter how many times she says.

Vikas compliments Rakhi and Arshi’s bond and further tells her to come out. She again goes on saying, one minute and one second. “Tu kitni bar kar chuki hai andar,” asks Rakhi. “Ek bar,” she replies. Rakhi gives up and says, “tu bahar aa ja, hum achcha khana kha lenge.”

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