Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta shares his hardships, says that he was about to get bankrupt

Vikas Gupta shares his about his hardships and says that there was a time when he was about to get bankrupt.

Bigg Boss 14 contestants have gone through a lot of hardships because of the lockdown. Vikas Gupta shares some of his hardships in a recent extra masala clip.

In recent extra masala clip we can see Vikas Gupta talk about his hardships with Jasmin Bhasin. He says, “there was a stage where I had no money and was about to go bankrupt “. “I thought I’ll makeup everything again but there was lockdown for 7-8 months which made it even more worse “, he added. Vikas said that there was an overnight change in my life. The fixed costs can’t be redeemed by any chance and there was no income too. Jasmin agreed to him and said that the same had happened with her and with everyone else in the country.


They discussed that during the bad time they cannot fire employees as they are depended on them. Vikas shared his story with others. He says that before coming to Bigg Boss, two boys tried to snatch his phone and by reflex action he snatched it back from them. They apologised to him. This made him think that how worse situation has become because of the lockdown.