Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta helps Rakhi Sawant, allows her to borrow his clothes

Rakhi Sawant tries Vikas Gupta’s clothes in a recent extra masala clip.

Bigg Boss 14 is entertaining and fans are eager to see the winner of the season. There will be more hungama and entertainment. In the recent Bigg Boss 14 extra masala clip we can see Rakhi Sawant trying Vikas’ clothes.

In recent extra masala clip we can see Rakhi Sawant trying on Vikas’ clothes. The clip starts with discussions about getting ready. Rakhi Sawant reveals that she has limited clothing options.Vikas Gupta approaches Rakhi to help her to try some different outfits. He gets a box of his clothes to Rakhi and tells her to try on some of his outfits.


Vikas Gupta gives her clothes to try on to check the size and later on shows her his collection. She wears his clothes as he complements her. Rakhi asks Vikas,”if you give me your clothes, what will you wear”. To this Vikas replies,” I have many clothes to wear, don’t worry about it”.