Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta Counsels Eijaz Khan and gives advice to control his anger

In a recent Extra Masala clip Vikas Gupta is seen trying to counsel Eijaz Khan and gives him a piece of advice.

The clip starts with Vikash Gupta the Mastermind giving some valuable advice to Eijaz Khan. He tells him to control his anger and to be less aggressive towards women.

Eijaz isn’t ready to accept that as a fact. He says that he’s himself feeling guilty about what he said to Rubina Dialik, to which Vikas says to just apologize and move on. Eijaz doesn’t agree, he says that that ” Sorry and apologises are for the people who know the value of it. ” They talk about the Snowman task and more person. Vikas tells him to play wisely and be the hero while accepting his flaws, be the hero the world sees him as. Eijaz is headstrong, doesn’t agree with him at all.


Vikas further says that “Sometimes how you play the game is more important than win! ” and we all agree.