Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta admits he ‘made a mistake’ after being kicked out from the show, shares an emotional video

Vikas Gupta got evicted from Bigg Boss 14 after pushing Arshi Khan into the pool.

Vikas Gupta who had entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger has been expelled from the show after he got into fight with Arshi Khan and pushed her into the pool. The day they entered the show, they got verbal spat, but things took a turn for a worse when both got into physical violence.

After pushing Arshi in the pool, Vikas poured his heart out in front of Aly Goni. Previously, Aly had accused Vikas of snatching work from him. Vikas clarified that he didn’t snatch Aly’s work. He further adds that when he came out as bisexual, none of his friends came in his support.


A day after getting evicted from the show, Vikas on Tuesday shared an emotional video on Instagram wherein he has parked himself in isolation so that he can make sense of what happened. He said that he was in a vulnerable stage and even cried after watching himself.

He said, ““I was in a vulnerable state and I had said many things. I cried after watching myself. Time can do a lot of things aur apne hi hurt karte hain. I am going to find a way and I am sure I will crack it. I did make a mistake and I got punished for it. Let’s hope and pray that good things happen to all of us. I am not very sad now na, don’t worry. ”

In a previous interview, Vikas had said that his family relations strained after he came out. He had revealed that his mother and brother had distanced themselves from him.