Bigg Boss 14: Vikas advised Sonali about how to play the game and stay

Vikas’s word of wisdom, advises how to play the game and stay

In Bigg Boss house every contestant has their own gameplay. Whether being loud and noisy or being a cute little one, they have their own ways to win the game. Vikas Gupta is called the ‘mastermind’ because of his gameplay and strategy.

In the recent extra masala clip, Vikas Gupta advised Sonali Phogat to work smart rather than hard as the housemates will try to show her down if they get an opportunity. Vikas said Sonali about how to play the game and stay, he said, “yahan log ye nhi dekhte tum kis kaam me achi ho, wo tumse karaye, yahan ye dekhte ki kis kaam me tum problem me ho, taki wo tumpe jhoka jaye”.


Vikas advised never to tell anybody about the things from which you have problems otherwise if once they get to know about that they will use it against you. Vikas also added that he has many problems but he never shows them to the other housemates, so nobody gets a chance to attack him.

While sharing his story Vikas said that he loves making food in the kitchen but the housemates don’t let him do so. They just want to irritate you, and want them to look smart in front of others.

At the end Vikas said, “sabko problem karni hai aur boss bann na hai”.
So let them think that they are the boss while you get your work done in between, Vikas added.