Bigg Boss 14: Twitterati slams Vikas Gupta for breaking house rules as a captain

In the latest episode, Vikas Gupta breaks the house rules by sleeping during day time.

Earlier in the captaincy task, Arshi Khan betrays her friends Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya by making Vikas Gupta the new captain of the house.

In the recent episode, Vikas fails in fulfilling his role as a captain as he broke the house rules by sleeping during day time and was not able to stop Nikki Tamboli from escaping from jail through the bars. Later on, the housemates lashed out at Arshi for making him the captain and considered Vikas more capable than Rahul Vaidya.


While Arshi’s decision has earned criticism from the fans on social media and the viewers called Vikas an incapable captain and slammed him on Twitter. One of the users wrote, “#BB14 #BiggBoss14 #BiggBoss #VikasGupta should sack from captaincy for breaking the rules as #nishantmalkani.”