Bigg Boss 14: Three contestants in the race of contendership for captaincy now

Vikas Gupta won’t be competing in the race for captaincy.

The race for captaincy is taken very seriously in the Bigg Boss house. The task ‘JULIE KA BADLA’ is in full force since it started this week. Everyone is looking forward to becoming the captain, but only some will move forward with it.

Rakhi Sawant is doing an impeccable job in acting like ‘Julie’, but not too great for the contestants, as it is visible how irritated everyone is by her acting skills, as she is seen ripping shirts and not following the rules.

Three people are in the contenders’ race for the captaincy. Arshi Khan, Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan are the contenders now for captaincy. Sadly, Vikas Gupta won’t be in the task as he has already been a captain before. So, he won’t be getting a chance in the race for captaincy.

We hope this doesn’t turn ugly and may the most deserving one win this race.

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