Bigg Boss 14: ‘Sultani Akhada’ escalates into physical fight between Arshi Khan and Rubina Dilaik

A physical fight that broke out between Arshi Khan and Rubina Dilaik to be sorted out with ‘Sultani Akhada.’

In an upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, contestants Rubina Dilaik and Arshi Khan have talked about a lot of things on the  ‘Sultani Akhada’ task, which lead to physical altercation between the two. Arshi had previously threatened to break Rubina’s face if she speaks in English. Host Salman Khan said that it was high time for the both to sort out their issues.

The settlement started with the ‘Verbal Dangal’ round, wherein each of them had to state why one is more deserving than the other. Arshi said, “Main apne aap ko logon se upar nahi samajhti, isiliye mujh mein takabbur nahi hai aur takabbur aap mein koot-koot ke bhara hai (I don’t see myself as superior to everyone else, which is why I am not haughty. You are full of haughtiness).”


Rubina replies to this statement by saying, “Inhone baar baar har waqt mujhe neecha dikhane ki koshish ki hai (She has tried to humiliate me every time).” They also argue about household chores, with Rubina declaring, “Main jo kaam karti hoon, usse jatati nahi hoon (I do not make a big deal when I do something).”
In the second ‘Physical Round’, Arshi and Rubina were seen physically fighting out their anger and vent their emotions. The session ended with Rubina falling to defeat with pain.