Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat talks about her hectic life

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Sonali Phogat is seen sharing her daily routine with Rubina Dilaik as an activist and discloses that she has a very hectic life.

In Bigg Boss 14 house, we usually see contestants talk about their personal life, daily life and works, travel, etc.

The clip begins as in a conversation with Rubina Dilaik, Sonali Phogat discloses that she has prepared for the show at home. She reveals that she woke up early in the morning in spite of working till late at night. She even says that she slept at 1 am. Someday she didn’t even get a proper nap because of different events. Rubina asks her, “Aap kitne din baahar rehte ho”, to which Sonali replies that in her area it like going in the morning and returning in the evening. Rubina asks her did she stay out all the 30days in a month, to which Sonali says “Yes”. Rubina is shocked after hearing this.


Sonali then added that she has to travel to another city like Chandigarh, “Hafte me 2 din Chandigarh ka tour toh ho hi jaata hai” Sonali says. She says she usually has to travel during the night and wake up early morning is her daily routine. She even added that she likes to travel at night in Delhi area due to traffic.

Rubina agrees with her and says from last few years she is also travelling at night. She adds that she too has to travel due to shoot, so she use to travel at night and night travelling is much better than day one.