Bigg Boss 14: Sidharth Shukla pushes Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan into the pool, later joins them

The ‘Ball Task’ was put on a pause by Bigg Boss due to heavy rains, however the seniors were seen in a fun mood.

The most loved reality show, Bigg Boss 14 has been entertaining the viewers with a daily dose of drama, controversies and fights. Planning and plotting is now the new common in the house as contestants seem to be taking the tasks seriously! In Friday’s episode, Bigg Boss gave a chance to the freshers through a task to win their personal belongings from the BB mall and we saw contestants crossing all the lines for same.

The task was conducted in the garden area where through a pipe balls were thrown out and two competing contestants had to collect as many balls as possible. The catch was, whoever won the task will own their personal items from the BB mall, however the player that loses will have to give up on all the belongings as Bigg Boss will take it away. Hence, all the contestants gave in a tough fight to win the task.

The three seniors, Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan were seen enjoying g the task. They kept on adding the ‘tadka’ where they even argued amongst each other. However later when the task was announced to be paused due to heavy rains by Bigg Boss, the ‘Toofani Seniors’ seemed to be in a fun mood.

Sidharth and Hina plan to throw Gauahar into the pool, as she was sitting in the garden area. Sidharth smartly goes near her and with the help of Hina pushes Gauahar inside the pool, she shouts on Sidharth but later starts laughing on how bad the both of them were. To add on, Sidharth also pushes Hina inside who starts fake crying. Later we could see Sidharth also jumping inside the pool and the three of them seem to have a good time playing and hitting each other.

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