Bigg Boss 14: Sidharth Shukla calls Abhinav and wife Rubina, ‘thankless people’

While safeguarding his immunity, Abhinav Shukla argues over his reflect action to which Sidharth disagrees.


It’s been a week since the television industry’s most loved and talked about controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14 began. Viewers are showering all the love to this season of BB and in turn the show is serving a complete package of drama, fights and controversies. The entire week was quite happening for the contestants as they were seen participating in the tasks given by Bigg Boss. While the ‘Toofani Seniors’ added on the challenges by spicing up the tasks with their strategies, our contestants were seen giving a tough fight to prove their worth in the house.

In one such incident, a tussle was seen between the two Shuklas in the house. Yes we are talking about the senior Sidharth Shukla and contestant Abhinav Shukla. In Friday’s episode, Bigg Boss gave a task to Nikki Tamboli and Abhinav Shukla to safeguard the immunity that they won in the previous tasks. The task was about both of them sitting in a bulldozer and the rest of the housemates would try to bring them out of the machine anyhow.

Sidharth was the supervisor of the task and had to set rules, wherein Abhinav said if someone showed physical force he will give it back. Sidharth disagreed saying he can get up if he feels tortured but can not hit anyone.

The argument takes an ugly turn when Sidharth slams Abhinav for his behavior and also drags in his wife Rubina in it. The mentor could be heard saying that he has been very nice with the couple and said, “You and your wife are sad souls, the most thankless people in the house.”

Just before this entire tussle, a cold War had took place between Rubina and the three seniors over the seven items to be borrowed from BB Mall, which had angered Sidharth.