Bigg Boss 14: Sidharth Shukla asks Abhinav Shukla to STOP intervening in Rubina Dilaik’s fights

On the Weekend Ka Vaar, BB13 Sidharth Shukla asks Abhinav Shukla to stop interfering in Rubina Dilaik’s fights.

In recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw the winner of the 13th season, Sidharth Shukla enter the house. He hosted a section during which viewers got to question the housemates. Once the housemates answered, Sidharth was seen giving his opinion, and cross-questioning them. He tried to make them realize how they were faring in the game. He advised Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik that they have an advantage since they are together in the house. This will fetch them each other’s support. However, he also asked Abhinav to stop interfering in his wife Rubina Dilaik’s fights.

Sidharth Shukla enquired to Abhinav whether this was his game. If that is the case, then it’s great. However, Abhinav told him that when one joins with a family member, and they get into a fight, it’s natural that he will jump in and try to control the situation. “I think if my family member is arguing with someone, my first reaction would be to diffuse it,” he said. Vikas also supported Abhinav in this. Sidharth then said that, despite them entering as a couple, everyone is playing their own game. He also questioned Abhinav whether he finds Rubina incapable of playing on her own.


Sidharth explained to Abhinav that Rubina is a grown-up woman, who puts forward her point very clearly in the game. He then asked Abhinav, “Kya lagta hai ki Rahul Rubina ko dhakka dega, maarega usko?”

“After 17 weeks, you see a person’s limit. Even if after that you keep interfering in the name of instinct then it is not done. It’s interference. Rubina looks weak because nobody is going to harm anyone,” said Sidharth Shukla.