Bigg Boss 14: Shehzad Deol slams Eijaz Khan for his behaviour towards Jaan Kumar Sanu

Former contestant Shehzad Deol expresses disappointment with Eijaz Khan’s behaviour during a task.

While watching Bigg Boss, we all have opinions on the events that happen inside the house and take to social media to express them. Ex-contestants of the show often take to their Twitter handles to express their opinions about the show. Kamya Punjabi, Vindu Dara Singh, Manu Punjabi are all on the list and now Shehzad Deol is the latest former contestant to share his viewpoint on social media. The Punjabi singer is an evicted member of Bigg Boss 14.

He took to Twitter to share his disappointment with Eijaz Khan’s behaviour during the recent luxury budget task. During the angel and devil task, devil Eijaz had asked angel Jaan Kumar Sanu to remove his pants and shirt. Deol said that it is not done to ask someone, to remove their pants on national television.

Deol tweeted, “Finally catching up on Bigg Boss. Tasks are important in the Bigg Boss house but @KhanEijaz disappointed with your behaviour. Asking someone to remove their pants on national television is just not done!” Furthermore, during the task, Eijaz had even asked Jaan to dip his hand inside the toilet pot and shave his beard to win the task. 

While he was in the house, Shehzad considered Eijaz to be a brother but was disappointed and heartbroken when Eijaz named him for eviction.

Feeling backstabbed by Eijaz, Deol went on to tell housemate Pavitra Punia, who was very close to Eijaz, that he wasn’t trustworthy and told her that he could flip any moment. He went on to call the former dangerous and compared him to a snake.

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