Bigg Boss 14: Shefali Jariwala feels Jasmin Bhasin is getting CRUDE everyday, feels Rakhi Sawant pulling Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti was wrong

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala feels Jasmin Bhasin is her image and reputation while picking fights inside the house.

Bigg Boss is known for bringing out the real faces of the contestants. As the current season of Bigg Boss 14 progresses, the housemates are revealing different sides of themselves. Their real faces have shocked the viewers. Jasmin Bhasin is currently gaining a lot of attention for the wrong reasons especially after her fight with Rakhi Sawant. Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala shared similar feelings in her latest interview with ETimes.

Shefali said that she agreed with what Salman Khan had told the Naagin 4 actress during the Weekend Ka Vaar. “Surprisingly, Jasmin stopped listening to Abhinav and Aly Goni this week. She is really ruining her image and reputation. Jasmin was not accepting it throughout the week that she was wrong. Her problem is whenever she has a fight with someone she doesn’t let it go and stretches it. It is her pattern. She is becoming rude and crude by the day. Jasmin has to understand that to have a fight with someone in Bigg Boss is not wrong. If you keep stretching it beyond the point, it comes across as if you are picking on someone,” she said.


Talking about the incident where Rakhi Sawant pulled Rahul Mahajan‘s dhoti, Shefali shared her opinion. She says, “I am also saying this with full confidence that since Arshi was not pulled up for her bad behaviour, she’s going to cross all the limits in the future episodes. What Rakhi did with Rahul Mahajan was also very wrong. But you have to also understand that Rakhi had so much desperation to play the game and she was so immersed in her character that she lost control. She has a passion for giving the content. Honestly, I don’t review Rakhi’s content most of the time because I find them obnoxious. It is not worth a discussion. Pulling Rahul’s dhoti was wrong, just imagine if the same thing had happened to one of the female contestants, it would have become such a big issue. Just like Jasmin put the duck mask on Rakhi’s head and it was termed as wrong, similarly, pulling Rahul’s dhoti was wrong.”

She also talked Rubina Dilaik and said, “Rubina was sitting next to Jasmin and Nikki when they were saying nasty things about Rakhi, she could have walked off from there or could have stopped Jasmin but she chose to sit there and laugh. She was part of the crime. She had a problem with Rahul Vaidya as he disrespected women according to her then why she kept quiet when Rakhi was getting attacked.” Shefali says that she supports Salman Khan bashing Rubina and hopes the actor takes it positively.