Bigg Boss 14: Shardul Pandit tries his luck with Pavitra Punia as she swims in her bikini

Shardul Pandit took the extra mile with dog-whistling as Pavitra Punia took a dip in the pool while sporting a bikini which drove him wild.

Bossiness, attitude, and controversy are what come to mind when one thinks of Bigg Boss contestants. But besides the serotonin fueled traits, there’s also looks and style. And the women inside the house are all bold, sexy stunners. Well, a recent snippet of Bigg Boss Extra Masala, saw Shardul Pandit taking the extra mile with dog whistling as Pavitra Punia took a dip in the pool while sporting a bikini which drove him wild.

On his way to the snack bar, something about Pavitra swimming in her black bikini made him stop and stare. Appealed with the idea of flirting with her, Shardul stripped off his shoes, dipped them inside the pool and relished the warmth of the water. He went on to clarify that the water was, in fact, cold but Pavitra radiated her hotness everywhere that it even heated the pool. Noticing the cameras around the garden, he decided for this to be the perfect time to bang utensils and get destructive in the kitchen since Pavitra became the epitome focus and he’d slip by unnoticed. Well, this sent her into a blushing and giggling fit. Staring at her a little more suggestively, Shardul asked her if she knew she was driving everyone wild. “Pavitra Punia in the pani, yaad aayi sabko Nani, banegi ye kiski jaani,” he said. Just then his sudden discomfort gave him a good reason to excuse himself from the pool as he said that he hasn’t had sex since lockdown began.

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