Bigg Boss 14: Shardul Pandit announces his message for Salman Khan publicly; requests to be cast as an actor

Bigg Boss 14 ex-contestant Shardul Pandit announced a live message for host Salman Khan. Shardul asked him for work.

Television actor Shardul Pandit who has recently been evicted from Bigg Boss 14 has constantly repeated that he doesn’t have any work after coming out of the reality show. He has also revealed that he is struggling monetarily and he requires work. Now Shardul has approached Bigg Boss 14 host Salman Khan for work.

In a recent interview with India Today, Shardul said, “I did get the most elegant farewell on Bigg Boss but there is no work outside. I don’t have Salman Khan’s number but I would like to give him a message, I need work. If you have any position for an actor, please give me work.”


Shardul revealed that he was also told by Salman that he might get an entry into Bigg Boss 14 again. “The moment I left the Bigg boss house, I was taken to my vanity. There I requested to speak to Salman (Khan) Bhai for a minute. He told me that like Kavita, even I could be back. After that, I just sat there for two hours. I couldn’t cry or feel anything because I needed the show for money. The realisation is finally sinking in that it’s over.” Shardul said.

During the eviction, Salman had praised Shardul and even called him ‘an inspiration’ for other housemates. He had also offered to help with Shardul’s mother’s cancer treatment.

Recalling his memories of the show, Shardul said, “My interactions with Salman Khan are by far the best memories I have of Bigg Boss 14. He joked with me and he even felt bad about my eviction. One of my friends also rightly tweeted recently saying, ‘Bigg Boss k Bigg Boss Ka Dil jeet liya aur kya jeetoge.’ He always used to speak fondly me. It was almost as if an elder brother is talking to a younger brother.”