Bigg Boss 14: Senior Gauahar Khan lends a helping hand to Pavitra Punia

Bigg Boss 14 senior Gauahar Khans lends a helping hand to Pavitra Punia.

Bigg Boss 14 has always been about controversy. But this season, seems to be a little different from what we usually get to see on television. With the introduction of seniors to this season of Bigg Boss, the show seems to have become even more exciting. In one such episode of Unseen Undekha, senior Gauahar Khan lends a helping hand to ‘ jalpari’ (mermaid)Pavitra.

Television actress Pavitra Punia, seems to be afraid of swimming to the shallow side of the pool. Afraid of getting drowned, she holds one of the rods on the side of the pool and stands still. Senior, Gauahar Khan on seeing that says, ” Jalpari wo corner ko chor hi nahi rahi ha, idhar toh aa chalte chalte…”( Mermaid is not leaving that corner, atleast walk till this side …) .
Gauahar on sensing Pavitra’s fear offered her helping hand. Pavitra willingly grabbed it, trusting her senior.
Gauahar then held her hand tight and walked her to the other side of the pool.