Bigg Boss 14: #SavageQueenRubinaDilaik trends on Twitter, as she wins hearts with her sassy attitude

Rubina Dilaik is currently locked inside the controversial house as a ‘rejected contestant’ and her savage attitude is winning hearts.

The most talked about reality show Bigg Boss 14 is serving a complete package of entertainment where viewers get to witness fights, drama and a lot of controversies. Fans of the show are keeping a watch on every move of the contestants in the house, and are already seen arguing over their favourite contestant in BB 14.

Rubina Dilaik, who is the only ‘rejected’ contestant in the house is winning hearts with her savage attitude! Her fans are going gaga over her untamed replies. Rubina can be seen having a comeback over every argument and if she picks up a fight she doesn’t give up, and this attitude goes for everyone in the house including Bigg Boss himself! Her savage replies have got her trending on Twitter as her fans are loving her sassy nature.

In Wednesday’s episode Bigg Boss announced that Rubina has been found using furniture in the house and it is the duty of the seniors to see that it doesn’t happen as she is a rejected contestant. While Hina Khan says she has not witnessed Rubina using the furniture, Sidharth says Rubina has been warned. Rubina picks up the matter and clarifies that if leaning on the furniture means ‘using’ it, then Bigg Boss should explain it to her like a 4-yr-old kid.

She also takes a dig at Sidharth’s statement and states she is quite ignorant of the fact of the rules and how things are inside the house, and some contestants find loopholes in the rule and make it their own agenda in creating an argument or issue.

Sidharth is always seen poking Rubina in the house trying to irritate her. Earlier, when Sidharth was trying to throw tantrums at Rubina, which was in a light mood, Rubina had given a solid come back saying, “Mere contract mein sirf ek hi Shukla ko jhelna likha hai, dusre ko nahi!” ( I have signed up for taking tantrums from only one Shukla, not from the other!). Indirectly she gave a Savage reply to Sidharth Shukla that she will only listen to her husband- Abhinav Shukla, and won’t take a word from others.

Fans seem to love her bold personality and of course, the Savage attitude is the cherry to the cake!

#SavageQueenRubinaDilaik trends on Twitter.

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