Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan targets Rahul Vaidya as housemates exchange ‘aapsi bhadaas gifts’

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Salman Khan is seen taunting Rahul Vaidya for running away from the house. Meanwhile, the housemates exchange ‘aapsi bhadaas’ gifts

In the recent promo, it seems Christmas in the Bigg Boss 14 house is not all that festive. Exactly, a day after the housemates played Santa Claus role for each other by giving letters from their family. The next day in the house we see contestants giving one another gifts i.e “aapsi bhadaas ke gifts”.
And as expected, instead of playing the game with gist and taking things in their pace, the housemates take it as a contest and try to bring one another down.

The promo starts with Jasmin Bhasin being asked to give the gift of dropping the real face. She gives it to Rubina Dilaik, and she throws it away.


Next up is Rubina, who is asked to give the dumbbells’ as a gift to the weakest contestants of the house. Rubina gives it to Jasmin saying she is the weakest one, to which Jasmin taunts her that yesterday she was telling her that she is her competitor and now she became the weakest. Jasmin lashes Rubina and throw the dumbbells’ on the ground and says, “day 1 se pati ke sahare hai, aayi badi mujhe bolne”

On the other side, we will see a clash between Rahul Vaidya and Salman Khan, as Salman targets Rahul Vaidya again. Rahul Vaidya calmly says that he didn’t like the host continuously says that “Bhaaga hai, Bhaaga hai”, to which Salman replies “agar bhaage ho toh bhaage ho..and don’t try to harmful on me.” Rahul Vaidya requested him not to say this, at which Salman taunts him saying “Request not granted”.
Rahul Vaidya gets furious on this and asks then why was he called? Salman hits back asking, “why did you come?”
“Kya kaan pakad ke kheech ke laaye aapko? You run away from the house let’s accept that,” Salman Khan added.