Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan slams Rubina for over reacting; Vikas Gupta accuses Arshi Khan for wrongly representing Rakhi Sawant

On the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan slams Rubina Dilaik for overreacting and Vikas Gupta accuses Arshi Khan for wrongly representing Rakhi Sawant.

In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan addresses the audience after his absence from the show. Then gives a overthought about the recent task that was assigned to the contestants. The task was about coming forth and talking about which housemate they feel has been in the wrong and why. So following was the sequence, Nikki takes Rahul’s name and Rahul takes Rubina’s name. Rubina Dilaik takes Rakhi Sawant’s name. Rakhi and Rubina argue over this. Aly Goni takes Abhinav Shukla’s name. Rakhi Sawant takes Rubina Dilaik’s name.

In the episode, Abhinav Shukla takes Rakhi Sawant‘s name saying that she hurt him a lot. Following to which, Abhinav breaks down and Rubina consoles him. Meanwhile, Rakhi tries to aplogize, but Abhinav moves away from her. Later, Rahul asks Abhinav to listen to Rakhi’s explanation for once. 


Further, Vikas Gupta chats with Abhinav and defends Rakhi by saying Rakhi’s intentions weren’t wrong. It was Arshi who’s responsible for spicing things up. Vikas accuses Arshi by saying she is the one who tries to represent Rakhi’s image in a bad way. He also spoke about how Nikki and Arshi are wrongly supporting Rubina. Salman Khan joins the housemates and he would addressing the issues from the last two weeks. He then addresses Rubina’s problems about using English words during the cycle task. Later Salman Khan mentioned that it is very important to have a seat to complete a cycle. 

He then, talks about Rubina’s relationship with Abhinav. Then Rahul, Aly Goni and Devoleena Bhattacharjee voiced out their opinion on Rubina’s relationship in the house.  Rahul who did his best to save the ration of the house was appreciated by Salman, but was angry with the rest of the contestants for blaming Rahul for losing the game. Rakhi Sawant apologises for pulling Abhinav’s pant’s strings and Salman Khan scolds her behavior and says that there is a limit. He asks Rakhi Sawant to stop acting stupid. He even warns Rakhi not to cross the line and that everything is not entertainment.

Later, Vikas Gupta says that Arshi Khan tried to separate Abhinav and Rakhi. They keep talking about Rubina being in a relationship with people who only agree with her. Rahul Vaidya and Vikas Gupta agree with it. Salman Khan informs the housemates that he will announce about the eviction tomorrow and then takes a leave.