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Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan calls Rubina the “second best”, ranks her after Nikki Tamboli

Salman Khan calls Rubina Dialik the 2nd best contestant after Nikki Tamboli. Praises her for taking a stand.

A lot of revelations and name-calling took place during the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’. Abhinav Shukla was called a spectator by the superstar host whereas his wife Rubina Dilaik was praised for her efforts. Salman Khan called her the “second best” contestant after Nikki Tamboli.

Nikki Tamboli was granted a confirmed status in the house by the ‘Toofani seniors’. She impressed her seniors with her performance and strong stance in issues. After that, Salman Khan took upon himself to praise another hard-working contestant, Rubina Dilaik. He said she always kept her opinions outright. He then went further to term her as the “second best person” after Nikki Tamboli.

The actor had recently gotten in an argument with the seniors over the items borrowed from the BB Mall. The argument stretched over a logic provided by her that if a pair of shoes is considered as one item than even salwar-kameez should be considered as a single item. The seniors didn’t take the ordeal in a positive light and were disappointed at her stubbornness.

In the very same episode, the host called her husband Abhinav Shukla, and three other contestants for their passive behavior. He called them “spectators” and not “contestants”.