Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan blasts Arshi for bringing up Vikas Gupta’s mother in their fight, ‘Nobody has the right to go on anybody’s parents’

The notorious house of Bigg Boss 14 is the hub of all sorts of dirty controversies and revelations and there has been no dearth of it in the current season.

With the inclusion of the challengers, namely Arshi khan, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Vikas Gupta and Rahul Mahajn more filth has been hurled on to the TV screens.


Vikas Gupta’s sexual orientation isn’t hidden anymore and Arshi khan especially took the liberty of making it even more apparent on the show. So much so that Vikas Gupta ended up comparing her with Shilpa Shinde. Arshi never quote stopped her mudslinging on Vikas and kept pushing Vikas to the brink by bringing in his parents into their verbal squabble.

Well yes, Arshi even brought up Vikas’mother into her conversation and revealed that Vikas never quite respected her. That’s when Vikas flared up and pushed up into the pool and resultantly for showing physical aggression he was kicked out from the show. In the Weekend ka Vaar episode which will be airing tomorrow, Salman Khan will lash out at Arshi for doing what she did. In the latest promo Salman is seen slamming Arshi for her behaviour. He tells her, “is tarah ki harkat hamare show par naa kare, is tarah ki harkat karne ke liye apne liye koi dusra show dhundh li jiye.” (Do not behave in this manner in our show, if at all you want to behave this way, please find another show for yourself.)

Arshi tries to hold her ground and is seen shouting back at Arshi saying, “Maine Vikas Ke mummy ke liye koi bhi galat shabd istemaal nahi kiye”, to which Salman replies, kisi ke maa baap par jaane ka kisi ko haq nahi banta.” (No one has the right to bring anybody’s parents in any conversatoon).

He further thunders, “Agar sapne mujhse aisi baat ki hoti to shayad mai bhi yehi karta.” ( if you would have said the same thing to me, I would have reacted in the same manner)

Arshi then is seen getting perturbed and saying, “I am leaving the show” and then she moves towards the door.

But will Arshi really leave the show? Will Arshi be the one to be eliminated this week? What do you guys think?

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