Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan BASHES Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi Sawant for crossing the limits 

On the Weekend Ka Vaar, Rakhi Sawant promises to Salman Khan that she won’t use crude language and will not cross her limits and also warned Rubina Dilaik to hear out other person’s point of view.

The most awaited Weekend Ka Vaar has concluded. Here’s a short summary of what happened on the weekend ka vaar episode. Salman Khan enters the show with his Dabangg style addresses virtual audiences. The host then expresses that he isn’t in a good mood because of what’s happening inside the Bigg Boss house.

Further he talks about how he has been hosting so many seasons of the show and the feedback that he gets from others over the same. Salman also adds that the show is difficult because of which the contestants lose their temper.


The host talks about how everyone has been crossing their lines and giving excuses of entertainment. He says, “All my friends and family  keep on asking me why I host such an aggressive show. My mom has asked me, to stop working for the show if the contestants do not know their limits.”

Salman Khan further talks to the contestants individually. He asks Rakhi Sawant, How many brands have  endorsements with you? She replies, ‘NONE sir.’ Salman says that this is the platform that will help you to get brands. He advises her to play with dignity and respect which will help her for the long term. Rakhi promises Salman to change herself and won’t use any foul language here further.

Adding to this Salman also took a class of Abhinav and Rubina. He asked Abhinav which are bad words, ‘tharki’ or the words used by your wife. Rubina used words like ‘neech,’ ‘gandi,’ and ‘zaleel aurat’ on Rakhi. Abhinav agrees that his wife crosses the limit he says, ‘Mujhe usse rok na chahiye tha.’ Salman asks Rubina to think twice before using words. He further adds never speak out of emotions, specially on a national television. 

Host Salman Khan advises Rahul Vaidya to not get influenced by Nikki Tamboli and Arshi Khan. He asks him to maintain his opinions in the show or else viewers too wont find your existence. He further says, all the vulgar words and behavior these people show are their own acts. None of the creative writers of the Bigg Boss instructs them to showcase such acts on national television.