Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan bashes Pavitra Punia for her behaviour towards Eijaz Khan, says she is acting!

Salman Khan calls out Pavitra Punia’s behaviour, says he doesn’t understand if it is aggression or drama and acting.

In the Bigg Boss house, one cannot possibly know what to expect next. The tension is thick between the housemates which sometimes leads to fights between them. In tonight’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan has taken it upon himself to show the contestants the ‘truth mirror’ and schooling them for their dirty behaviour in the past week.

Pavitra Punia will be the first one to face Salman Khan’s anger as he grills her for losing her calm with Eijaz Khan. He bashed her for hurling abuses at Eijaz and being physically violent by hitting him with her elbow after the immunity task. Pavitra initially tries to deny the allegations but Salman challenged her saying, “We’ll show you the footage where you’re using cuss words,” which made her go silent. Salman then questioned her over-the-top reactions and called it ‘fake.’ He alleged, “Yeh aggression hai ya full-on drama, full-on acting.”


Salman also pointed out the hot and cold war between Pavitra and Eijaz Khan and says that he doesn’t fully understand their chemistry. He called her out saying, “Pavitra, you’re not in your senses right now.” When Pavitra tries to explain her side, Salman interrupts her and asks her not to explain as ‘This is no way to behave.”

After Salman’s bashing, Pavitra apologises with a simple ‘Sorry’ but that doesn’t sit well with him as he says, “You say sorry repeatedly, but do the same thing again.”

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In tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman will also be seen schooling Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli.