Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan bashes Jaan Kumar Sanu for hurling abuses

Salman Khan schooled Jaan Kumar Sanu for shouting abuses at Eijaz Khan during the Devil vs Angels task.

With every passing day, the competition in the Bigg Boss house gets tougher. With the increasing tension between the housemates, there is a lot of hurling of abuses on each other. In the promo for Weekend Ka Vaar, the host Salman Khan is all set to show his sour side to the housemates. He bashed everyone who played dirty and spread negativity in the house this past week. The ‘sweet’ Jaan Kumar Sanu is on Salman’s list for hurling abuses at Eijaz Khan during the Devil vs Angels task.

Usually seen giving Jaan advises about his game, Salman will be seen slamming Jaan for using cuss words against Eijaz Khan. Salman is seen saying, “Using such dirty words for someone. Suddenly the sweet boy has become the most badtameez boy of the house right now.” Further, he is seen asking Jaan, “On which level are you going?” While pointing out where Jaan is going wrong, Salman explained that he is showing his bad side to the audience and not the others. As Jaan is seen getting emotional, Salman says, “With all of this, his (Eijaz) personality is not getting affected, but your personality is turning bad.”


Earlier this week, during the Devil vs Angels task, devil Eijaz was seen going all out on angel Jaan by asking him to put his hand in the toilet, shave his beard and to take off his clothes. Jaan was seen taking all this sportingly. But when Eijaz crossed the limits, a huge fight broke out between the two.

The fight started with both of them calling each other names to hurling abuses to an actual physical fight which left everyone in shock. Even though Jaan had apologised to Eijaz for his reactions, Salman is seemingly angry and unhappy with Jaan’s behaviour.

Check out the promo: