Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik turns teacher for Eijaz Khan

Rubina Dilaik gives cooking lessons to Eijaz Khan in the kitchen area.

Bigg Boss brings in people from all walks of life together. Everyone has different taste of interest and excels in different things, and that is something that one should learn after coming to Bigg Boss. Similarly, Bigg Boss 14 has brought in people who belong to the same background, but have varied interests.

In one such Extra Masala episode of Bigg Boss 14, Eijaz Khan like a curious student, was inquiring about the different kitchen equipment, tools and their varied uses. He said, “Pots aur pans agar choose karte hain, toh kia binah pe choose karte hain?” ( On what basis should the pots and pans should be chosen?)


To which Rubina answers that the deep black pans are for frying and cooking food, whereas the flat ones are for a light sauté or a stir fry. Eijaz carefully listens to what she says and then again asks her if the pans can be used to cook chicken. He said, “Agar mai chicken banau, toh kadhai me chicken banau ya flat-bottom me chicken banau?” ( If I ever cook chicken, should I make it in a pot or should I make it in a flat-bottom?)

Rubina, like a good teacher answers that, not just the depth or shape of the pot but the texture and material also matters while cooking. She suggests that when you fry in a ‘kadhai’ the food doesn’t stick to the bottom like other pots. Hence ‘kadhai’ is best suited to cook chicken. Eijaz agreeably nodded his head like a kid.