Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik gets into DIRTY fight with Pavitra Punia over house task, pull push and scratch each other

In a task, Rubina and Pavitra ended up in a physical fight. Both pushed and scratched each other.

Bigg Boss is no new to fights and melodrama. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, contestants were given a task where they had to fill their respective baskets with the maximum number of balls. The winner of the task would get to opportunity to claim their personal things forever. In that task, Pavitra Punia was pitted against Rubina Dilaik and both ended up in a physical brawl.

In the task, contestants had to collect the balls in their respective baskets and also had to safeguard it so that no one else can steal from them. During their turn, Pavitra and Rubina tried to steal from each other’s baskets, resulting in a physical fight. Both ended up pulling, pushing, and scratching each other. They even tore each other’s baskets. However, Pavitra ended up winning, freeing herself from choosing seven items for everybody every day.


After the task, Pavitra went to Jasmin to show the scratches she had received from Rubina.

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