Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik calls Jasmin Bhasin a weak contestant to which Jasmin asks former to drop her fake act

Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik exchange spew hate instead of love on this festive season.

It looks like the festive season didn’t last long in the Bigg Boss house. Yesterday, the Christmas miracle was showered upon the contestants, and everyone was seen happily playing Santa Claus for one another, and giving them letters from their family. The next day it took a turn, and everyone started spewing hate on each other. The contestants take everything as a contest that they have to win.

Jasmin Bhasin gives a gift of dropping the fake face to Rubina Dilaik, which was given to the former previously. After receiving it Rubina throws it away. Next up, Rubina gifts a dumbell for the weak contestant to Jasmin, to which she gets angry and in a fit of anger says, “Day 1 se pati ke sahare pe hai. aayi badi mujhe bolne.”


Aly Goni is the only one who is taking the festive contest with a light heart. He is given a ring and asked to give it to someone to who he wants to tell his “dil ki baat”. Everyone expects him to give it to Jasmin, but he does so for Rahul Vaidya, leaving everyone in laughter. At least he is keeping it light.