Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli reminisce the days when they used to fight for no reason

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Dilaik bond over their early days in Bigg Boss 14 house.

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, misunderstandings and fights between the housemates are common. Since the start of the show in October, one has rarely seen the contestants reflect on their own behaviour. In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli reflect upon their behaviour in the house.

As the clip begins, Nikki asks Rubina if they ever bonded on the show before. Rubina thinks for a while and says that they have never bonded during their time in the show. She reasons that Nikki always used to be against everyone so they never had a chance to bond over anything. Nikki suddenly confesses that she misses those days. Rubina then adds that Nikki used to fight with everyone for no particular reason. She tells the other, “Mera problem yeh hai ki mein bina matlab ke nahi sunn sakti hu.” The actress adds that if someone fought with her for a reason she could just ignore it but she couldn’t ignore Nikki.

Rubina goes on to add that she can never trouble a person. She says, “Mein logon ko saamne see kahi pareshaan nahi karti hu. Mera nature nahi hai woh.” She adds that if a person fights with her, she can respect them till they cross a certain limit. Nikki Tamboli says that Rubina Dilaik has changed a lot since the start of the show. She reminds the other how she once taught everyone with the help of a milk carton. Nikki says, “Merko lagta that woh 4 saal ki bacchi thi.

Rubina says that she loves teaching everyone. She says that she wants people to teach her like that because it is much easier to understand. The video ends with Rubina saying that she open to people’s advises and loves to learn from them.

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