Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik and Aly Goni fight over the last muffin

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rubina Dilaik and Aly Goni fight over a muffin

Bigg Boss 14 fans have seen the housemates fight and sometimes bicker with each other. While this may seem serious to many, behind the scenes the housemates have lots of fun with each other. In a recent Extra Masala clip, we see a competition between them over the last muffin.

In the video, we see the housemates sit together as they have their meal. Rubina Dilaik comes and asks Aly Goni for his muffin. While the actor is ready to give his muffin, he jokingly tells her that he still has to decide over it. He tells the actress that he is yet to decide whom to give the muffin and needs to consider the haircut that she is supposed to give him. Rubina tells him, “soch tere dahine kande pe kaun hai.


While Aly informs Abhinav that Rubina is scheming, Abhinav tells his wife to get the muffin for him as he is not giving the haircut. Rubina is then heard telling him that she is getting the muffin for herself and not him. Hearing Rubina, Aly promises to give Abhinav the muffins with his own hands. Meanwhile, Jaan Kumar Sanu tries to steal Aly’s muffin which the actor gets back and tells him to eat his own.

Later, Abhinav tells Aly to pass the muffin through Rubina. As she collects it, Aly says he doesn’t trust her to give it to him. While Rubina acts angry, Aly says, “ab dekho agle hafte nomination. kya hota hai.” Both of them start laughing.

The clip ends with Rubina telling him it would be funny if he actually nominates her for that. Aly says that if Rahul can nominate over a whistle then so can he.