Bigg Boss 14: Rebellion against Rakhi Sawant’s captaincy, Aly Goni vows to destroy her

Aly Goni curses Rakhi Sawant for wishing Jasmin Bhasin’s elimination from the house. Meanwhile, the housemates declare an open rebellion against her.

Jasmin Bhasin’s elimination was one of the most emotional moments in the history of Bigg Boss 14 and there is no doubt about that. After Jasmin’s elimination, Aly Goni was crying incessantly and being an asthmatic, even fell short of breath. He was so emotional while Jasmin instilled him with all the courage to stay strong in the house. She even requested the housemates to not use his anger against him. While Aly is coping up with Jasmin’s elimination, he is now determined to make Rakhi Sawant‘s life hell in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

In the coming episodes, Aly is seen cursing Rakhi for wishing Jasmin’s elimination from the house. Aly shouts at her like an animal and is eager to show Rakhi’s real face to the whole world. Rakhi tried to defend herself by saying that she didn’t wish for Aly and Jasmin. To get separated but all in vain against her.


Meanwhile, other housemates are not happy with Rakhi’s captaincy. They declare an open rebellion against her. At one point, Rahul Vaidya openly threatened Rakhi telling her that she will never become a captain again.

Rakhi Sawant doesn’t step back and seems adamant with her stand and she is seen shouting at the top of her voice to shut the housemates down. But she was overpowered by the majority of the housemates.