Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi’s husband HOLLERS at Rahul Mahajan for calling her cheap, reminds him of his domestic violence allegations

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh objected to Rahul Mahajan calling her a ‘cheap’ celebrity in a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 and reminded him of the domestic violence allegations levelled against him.

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh is upset by Rahul Mahajan, about his recent comments in the episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul lashed out at Rakhi, and called her a ‘cheap level ki celebrity’ and also said that her fans are also ‘cheap’. She burst into tears after his comments.

In a recent interview, Ritesh said that Rakhi is self-made, unlike Rahul Mahajan, who is known for his lineage- he is the son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan and brother of BJP MP Poonam Mahajan. Ritesh reminded Rahul, the allegations of domestic violence levelled against him by his two if ex-wives, Shweta Singh and Dimpy Ganguly.


Talking to The Times of India, Ritesh said, “Rakhi did not have education or any godfather in the industry but she still made it in Bollywood because of her hard work and talent. Rakhi is self-made. What is Rahul Mahajan’s existence? If you remove his father and sister’s name from his life, nobody knows him.”

“He doesn’t have any talent that he can work in films or TV shows. He called her a cheap celebrity, but who is Rahul Mahajan, he can’t be called a celebrity also because what has he done in life? You make your career on your own without any backing or support then you have the right to talk about someone,” Ritesh added.

Ritesh not stopped, he also reminded Rahul Mahajan of the allegations levelled against him in the past. In 2007, Rahul’s first wife Shweta sought a divorce on the grounds of domestic violence. In 2010, his second wife Dimpy Ganguly accused him is punching, kicking, and dragging her by the hair.

Ritesh said that Rahul should have at least thought before opening his mouth.