Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant takes a jibe at Arshi Khan and Eijaz Khan

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant takes a jibe at Eijaz Khan when she sees him getting close to Arshi Khan and Eijaz reacts when Rakhi brought in Pavitra Punia.

Rakhi Sawant calls Eijaz Khan his jija as she considers Pavitra Punia as her sister, and isn’t liking the way Arshi touches Eijaz. She has complained a lot of times about it.

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi takes a jibe at Eijaz when she sees him getting close to Arshi Khan.


In the clip, Rakhi Sawant stares at Arshi Khan as she gives a side hug to Eijaz. Rakhi comments that Pavitra wouldn’t like Arshi getting close to Eijaz. She shouts at Arshi saying, “Chod re.”

Eijaz states that Pavitra has to understand his equation with Arshi. Rakhi clarifies if she really is his sister because Arshi keeps changing her equations with people. Eijaz says that he considers Arshi as his sister and says, “Mein nahi badalta hu, mein pehle din se aisa hi hu, yeh log bolte mein change ho gaya hu.” Rakhi gives her permission to hug him. She comments, “Ab yeh akada ab tu pakda.” Arshi states that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to hug.

Arshi suggests Rakhi to hug Vikas Gupta as she considers him as his brother. Rakhi says that he doesn’t require that kind of love. She adds that Vikas gives her a forehead kiss. Eijaz chimes in and says that even he kissed Arshi’s forehead when Manu Punjabi left. Arshi agrees with him.

Further, Rakhi taunts Arshi that if she considers Eijaz as his brother, then why didn’t she fight for him during the captaincy task? Eijaz replies that their friendship is only of convenience. Rakhi again taunts Arshi saying that she didn’t support his brother in the captaincy task. Rakhi enacts Arshi while laughing. Eijaz comments, “Yeh bhai ke adhe mein kulhadi hai.” Eijaz smiles and says that he’s done with it.