Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant shares her past life behaviour with Rahul Vaidya

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant discuss her past life with Rahul Vaidya.


Rakhi Sawant who is known for her blunt behaviour was seen interacting with Rahul Vaidya. In the latest Voot extra masala clip, Rakhi discuss her past life with Rahul. Rakhi explains to him how wicked she was before. Furthermore, she expresses that she never used to listen to her mom, and did all unethical things, hurted people for no reason, and had all negative thoughts in her mind. “Mere mein itni buraiya thi Rahul, allad ladki thi mein.” Rahul replies, “Oh aacha.”

Moreover, “Jhoot bolna, burayi karna, chori karna yeh sab karti thi mein. Jab meri maa mujhe Church le gayi, tabhi vaha mujhe bataya aapne kya kya problem hai. Vo bole yeh sab materialistic life mein,” and that you are enjoying and taking disadvantage won’t matter.” Further she says, “With the things i was doing, i won’t get a place in heaven.”

Rahul asks about bad things she done in her life. To which Rakhi replies that she used to  misbehave with family, not would  respect elderly people, partying, hurting others, hurting husbands and following bad things. 

Rakhi even says that her mother took a lot of effort in the last 6 years to change her so that she could live a better life in the future. It was a path of recovery and she is still going through it, just to have a good future. 

Rakhi says, “Galat cheez karne ke liye time nahi lagta, but agar unse bahar nikalna ho toh bohot time lagta hai.”

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