Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant says ‘I will not spare anyone’ in the house

In the latest interview, Rakhi Sawant talks about how Bigg Boss 14 is her second chance, describes the contestants.

Bigg Boss 14 house is witness to fights and arguments. The makers of the show surprised us with many unexpected twists in this season. But the most entertaining one would be the entry of the Challengers this week. Six former players of the Bigg Boss game entered the house. Rakhi Sawant who is loved by many is one of them. The season 1 contestant talked about her entry in the show in a recent interview.

While in a chat with Indian Express, Rakhi revealed that she was disappointed with some of the winners of the show and added that this is her second chance to win it. “It is my show. I kickstarted the first season, and all these years, my soul has been attached to it. I have seen so many people take home the trophy, and some were not even deserving. I am thankful to God that he gave me a second chance. This is my next innings on the show to prove myself,” she says.


She further adds that they were just kids who had no clue about how the show worked. Now she says she understands the game better. She says that now she knows about which battles to choose and which to leave. “Now, I know how people react to certain situations. I will carefully pick my battles and not be emotional about everything happening with me. Most importantly, I would not let anyone take advantage of me.”

Talking about her season, she says she regrets not showing her other side to the people. As for Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi talks about Arshi Khan and Kashmera Shah. “All of them are chudails (witches), while I am a maha chudail. So do expect a lot of catfights on the show. I will not spare anyone.”

Talking about the host Salman Khan, Rakhi says he is always right and trusts him to give an unbiased opinion. Lastly, Rakhi describes her fellow contestants. She describes Abhinav as a tortoise moving towards the trophy while she calls Rahul Mahajan a football whom anyone can kick. She compares Rubina to Hina Khan and says Jasmin cannot be judged. She ends with calling Kashmera Shah ‘Khujli Devi’ and says Manu Punjabi is a nice guy.